Alarm Security System
Alarm Security System
Alarm Security System

Alarm Security System

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  • GPS type:GPS Tracker
  • Brand Name:KOOLAND
  • Screen Size:Under 2 Inches
  • Gps Module:Yes
  • Model Name:GT06N
  • Item Size:98x52x15.9mm
  • Out Power:1A
  • Voltage:12V
  • Special Feature:Remote Control
  • Battery Life:30 Hours & Up
  • Standby time:60hours
  • Tracking
  • Mobile Tracking APP:Track Solid
  • Functions:vehicle security, fleet management
  • Voltage:9-36VDC/90mA

Vehicle GPS Tracker with Real Time Online Tracking

CLAS Vanilla Gold Vehicle GPS Tracker is a practical and easy-to-use GPS tracker specially designed for vehicle tracking. It combines GSM+GPRS+GPS wireless communication technology, with AGPS function the device can easily achieve extreme fast positioning (Cold start < 10s).

  • Multi-channel expander
  • 6-channel receiver that has user programmable outputs
  • Will learn channels from any "HF" transmitter
  • An advanced learn Route is used to store transmitter channels , as well as program the output types 
  • The system will supply an output wheneverthe transmitter button controlling the channel is pressed
  • All the outputs of the 450R are 200mA low current devices
  • Universal voice add-on
  • Vocal arm+ generates voice in English or Spanish
  • Generic or Viper-specific
  • Can produce the Warn Away message
  • Adds voice warn-away functionality to security systems in English or Spanish
  • Intergrates with factory system ( shock sensor , upgradeable remotes )
  • False alarm prevention circuitry 
  • Parking light flash
  • Integrated valet program switch with super bright LED 
  • Starter kill 
  • Detects even quiet breaks: That might not trigger the shock sensor.
  • Microphone and microprocessor: Detect tampering and breaking of vehicle's glass and analyze frequency, intensity and timing of intrusion sounds to eliminate false alarms.
  • This Clifford product may require professional installation
  • Tilt/Motion Sensor
  • 1° or 3° Tilt Sensitivity
  • Adjustable Motion Sensitivity: Off, Low, Medium, and High Settings.The 507M is perfect for protecting vehicles with upgraded wheels and tires
  • Adjustable Arming Timer: 10 Seconds, or 2 Minutes
  • Independently References Initial Vertical and Horizontal Inclination Each Time the Vehicle is Parked
  • Detects towing and jacking attempts
  • Works with any security system
  • Allows you to start , control , and track your car from your smartphone with the free Smart Start App . 
  • Press a button on your smartphone ans receive vehicle's current location , plus speed if it's moving .
  • Use one-touch check-in , to update your social network . 
  • Request a notification when a family vehicle exceeds your specified setting . 
  • Lock down your vehicle with a movement alert and receive notification if your vehicle is moved without your OK . 
  • Schedule time frames and curfews for notifications . 
  • SmartFence will notify you when your car leaves a designated zone . 
  • HotSpot will notify you when your car enters a designated zone . 
  • Adds English or Japanese Voice Messages to Security System
  • Control Module, Speakers, and Wire Harnesses Included
  • Microphone Included for Custom Messages
  • PA Mode with Included Microphone
  • Pre-programmed messages in English and Japanese
  • Record nine different five second messages with microphone
  • Can also be used as a PA system
  • GSM 580/900/1800/1900 MHz Quad-band 
  • Built-in GSM quad-band antenna and GPS antenna 
  • Geo-fence , automatic in/out fence alarm 
  • Built-in monitoring CPU for breakdown recovery 
  • Built-in powerful magnets , easily installation by drawing steel 
  • Check location information via SMS andGPRS ( TCP ) 
  • Three color LED indicators 
  • Built-in sensitive GPS chipset for omni-directional signal 
  • Real time positioning automatically upload location information 
  • Waterproof for installation under vehicle 
  • Built-in moving sensor to realize alarm function 
  • 2600mAh large capacity polymer battery , super long standby time 
  • Voice monitor 
  • Global position service platfrom 
  • GPS+GSM+GPRS wireless network 
  • Built-in high sensitive MTK GPS chipset 
  • AGPS fast locating function 
  • Built-in GPS & GSM antenna 
  • Support ACC detection 
  • Built-in acceleration sensor for vibration alarm 
  • Tele-cut off ( Petrol/Power) function 
  • Geo-fence function 
  • Built-in 400mAh battery 
  • Built-in power switch with wide output voltage 
  • Arm and disarm automatically 
  • Three LED indicators 
  • Digital keypad failsafe starter kill
  • Designed to be used as a stand-alone passive/active start kill or as an interface to ESP systems that use a 3-pin data port
  • Illuminated dash-mounted keypad 
  • Code-protected emergency override 
  • Exit / entry valet code protection 
  • Prevents the starter from cranking whenever the system is armed 
  • Can be used as a serial controller for any of DEI's ESP security system
  • Can be used to control Panic mode , valet mode and emergency override
  • Pedestrian collision warning, including cyclist detection.
  • Anti-collision warning for motorways and urban areas, including motorcycle detection.
  • Lane departure warning.
  • Distance monitoring and warning.
  • Traffic sign recognition
6 Channel Security/Keyless Entry System
Confirms commands and system triggers on the transceiver LCD screen
Clone-Safe Code-Hopping
Parking Light Flash
Failsafe Starter Kill
Remote Adjustable Stinger DoubleGaurd Shock Sensor
Revenger Six-tone Siren
Bright Blue LED Status Indicator
Dome Light Supervision - On-board Relay
Comfort Closure
5 Auxiliary Outputs
Horn Honk
Includes One 2-way Responder Transceiver and One 4-button Transmitter
  • Two-way human voice alert transmitter 
  • PIN code protection 
  • Two car operation 
  • Multifunction programmable 
  • Remote sensor bypass
  • Optional anti-carjack feature ( active , passive or full time programmable ) 
  • Passive , timed passive or active arming available 
  • Valet mode 
  • Emergency override
  • Double unlock mode 

System :

  • Operating Frequency : 433.92 MHz
  • Operating Voltage : 12 3v
  • Static Current : 20mA
  • Siren SPL : 105~125dB

Transmitter :

  • Operating Frequency : 433.92MHz
  • Operating Voltage : 3.2~4.2V
  • Static Current :  25mA

Charger : 

  • Operating Voltage : 12  3V 
  • Output Voltage : 4.2~4.25V 
  • Static Current :  5mA