Audio Processor
Audio Processor
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  • 24-bit ultra high performance DAC
  • 6 CH.Analog RCA Inputs , 2 optical input , and Ai-Net input
  • 4 volt pre-outs
  • ImprintEQ
  • 8-channel digital time correction
  • MediaXpander plus
  • Dolby pro logic II
  • DTS digital surround Sound

DSP-8 has a 6 channel input, can use the Hi-direct input from the head unit speakers output without using a Hi-Lo Conversion, or Low input (RCA). And this feature comes with a remote speaker turn on that will enable the processor and power amplifier shortly after the incoming signal, in other words, you no longer need the changes / modifications to the wiring and the car head unit. DSP-8 is also equipped with a mixer output is input to process the return signal from the audio head unit that will improve the sound quality oem head unit for the better. 



  • Stereo graphic equalization
  • Para-BASS® low frequency controls
  • Pre-amp gain of 20dB
  • Line driver: 13 volts peak output
  • Balanced differential inputs and outputs
  • High-headroom PWM switching power supply
  • Main and auxiliary switchable inputs
  • Switchable back-lighting color (blue/red)
  • Master volume and fader control
  • Selectable ground isolation
  • Optimum voltage LED
  • Self calibration og Clio CP-01 hardware
  • Impulse response analysis using LogChirp stimulus : possible application are anechoic frequency response measurement of transducers , impedance measurements 
  • FFT analysis with powerful trigger function
  • RLC meter
  • Thiele and Small parameters calculation with Rdc reading 
  • Waterfall CSD analysic
  • Input Channel : 4 channel, high and low input
  • Output Channel : 8 channel
  • Cosmetic appearance : Black alloy
  • Main processor : Analog Devices 172MHz, 28/56 bit dual precision
  • Digital to Analog Converter : Asahi Kasei AKM AK4440, 24 bit, 192 kHz, S/N 110dB
  • Analog to Digital Converter : 2pc Asahi Kasei AKM 5386, 24 bit, 192 kHz, S/N 110dB, single ended
  • Level control : +12dB to -72dB in 0.5dB increment
  • Time alignment : 0 to 15ms in 0.02ms increment
  • Crossover : 6-48 db/oct, Linkwitz/Butterworth/Bessel, 10Hz-20kHz frequency
  • EQ input channel : 6 bands Parametric EQ, -16 to +16dB in 0.01dB increment, Q 0.5 to 50 in 0.01 increment, 10Hz -20kHz frequency
  • EQ output channel : 6 bands Parametric EQ, -16 to +16dB in 0.01dB increment, Q 0.5 to 50 in 0.01 increment, 10Hz -20kHz frequency
  • Shelving : Low Shelf and High Shelf
  • Heatsink : Heavy aluminium
  • RCA model : Solid chassis mount
  • Controller for 9 DSP evolution
  • Memory / configuration change from 1 to 4
  • Designed with subwoofer level control (ch 7-8 output)
8-channel digital signal processor
High-level and line input
Realtime setting
2x 28 bit Analog Devices processor
Windows GUI software
Separate 10 band equalizer for each channel
Time delay
Variable crossover
Phase correction
Automatic turn-on function