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  • Parking light flash 
  • Failsafe starter kill
  • Stinger doubleguard shock sensor 
  • Active / Passive arming 
  • Revenger six-tone siren 
  • Bright blue LED system status indicator 
  • Ignition controlled door locks 
  • Dome light supervision 
  • Horn honk 
  • 1 Auxiliary outputs 
  • Uses factory remotes
  • 2-way Car Alarm Security System
  • Built-in keyless entry features
  • Nuisance Prevention Circuitry prevents annoying repetitive trigger sequences
  • Transmitter range up to 1,500 feet
  • 3 Total channel security entry system
  • Clone-Safe Code-Hopping technology for encrypted signals
  • Rapid Resume Logic ensures the system returns to the same state previous to power loss
  • VRS Vehicle recovery system helps prevent unauthorized use of your vehicle
  • Push button valet switch
  • Parking light flash option
  • Failsafe starter kill for increased security
  • Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor provides just the right amount of sensitivity
  • Revenger six-tone siren provides the appropriate sounds and at the appropriate noise levels
  • Bright blue LED status indicator
  • Dome light supervision with on-board relay
  • Comfort closure
  • 2 Auxiliary outputs for additional add-on sensors
  • 3-channel security / keyless entry system
  • Parking light flash 
  • Failsafe® starter kill
  • Built in stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock sensor
  • Revenger® Six-tone siren 
  •  Bright blue LED status indicator
  • Dome light supervision - On-Board relay
  • Comfort closure 
  • 2 Auxiliary outputs
  • Includes Two 3-button transmitters
  • 3-Channel 1-way Security System with Keyless Entry 4-Button remotes. Additional options include remote starter & GPS Tracking.
  • FailSafe starter kill.
  • Anti-carjacking & Panic Alarm Feature
  • Revenger six-tone soft-chirp siren and parking light alarm response.
  • Bright blue status LED warns thieves and gives you info about the system
  • Parking light flash 
  • Failsafe starter kill 
  • Revenger six-tone siren 
  • Stinger doubleguard shock sensor
  • Super bright LED status indicator 
  • Horn honk 
  • Parking light flash 
  • Failsafe starter kill 
  • Revenger six-tone siren 
  • Stinger doubleguard shock sensor 
  • Super bright LED status indicator 
  • Horn honk
  • Parking light flash 
  • Failsafe starter kill 
  • Revenger six-tone siren 
  • Stinger doubleguard shock sensor 
  • Super bright LED status indicator 
  • Horn honk
  • Lock your doors and arm the security with the push of the button 
  • Access dozens of system functions
  • Unlock your car and disarm the security system with a push of a button 
  • Start your engine and warm up your car with the push of a button 
  • Open your trunk and control several other optional functions 
  • automotive security and remote start system
  • remote start function is for fuel injected, diesel, and hybrid vehicles only (manual or automatic transmissions)
  • one 2-way remote transmitter with LCD screen — range: up to 1 mile
  • one 5-button 1-way transmitter — range: up to 1 mile
  • SuperCode® encryption protocol for added security
  • Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor — chirps when the vehicle's bumped and sets off the alarm with further violations
  • Neo Revenger® 6-Tone Siren — 120 dB weatherproof siren
  • Failsafe® Starter Kill prevents hot-wiring
  • anti-carjacking Vehicle Recovery System (VRS)
  • 4 auxiliary channels, dome light supervision, trunk pop, and parking light flash
  • valet mode overrides alarm
  • optional Viper 7752V remote available as replacement for 2-way remote
  • compatible with XpressKit DB-ALL vehicle interface module and all Viper SmartStart smartphone modules
  1. Starting the engine from the remote control In winter, it heats the inside of the car and unlocks the windows, and in summer it turns on the air conditioning, reducing the air temperature in the car to a pleasant level.
    Driving range up to 1600 m From now on, you will feel what really means a great range of action; in optimal conditions it can reach 1600 m.
    Responder HD SST with LCD screen The two-way Responder Remote will let you know about your car's state at any time with large, clear and intuitive icons. In the event of a security system trigger, you will be notified instantly and you will see the cause of the triggering. With the remote control buttons, you can operate 24 channels with new functions that are not in other security systems such as: checking the interior temperature of the machine, remote control at very low or very high temperatures, checking the engine running time (remote control), reinstalling the security system so that the warnings are only received on the remote control (the car will behave as if it does not have an installed security system - a feature required to capture people who are vandalizing machines)
Advanced anti-carjacking response system that let’s you safely recover your vehicle yourself
No buttons to push when your being hijacked
BlackJax is fully automatic and always working
Authorized driver simply inputs his or her secret PIN code (user-selectable) to deactivate
BlackJax is real-world proven to save vehicles and lives
Exclusive patented PlainView 2 switch makes PIN code entry easy and convenient
User-selectable 1-4 digit PIN code you can set or reset anytime you wish
Allows thief to drive a short distance away for your safety
Sounds siren and flashes lights less than one minute later
Thief can’t restart the engine, even if he could remove the BlackJax 5 system
Ignores any PIN code guesses of the thief after three incorrect entries (resets to allow PIN entry after a predetermined time has elapsed)
Thief has no choice but to abandon the vehicle in traffic and in front of witnesses
Self-recovery: Just input your PIN code to silence the siren and regain control
Selectable AutoImmobilization
G4/G5 CliffNet DataPort for access via your computer
Rugged, high-output siren
User-selectable 30/60/90-second siren duration
Output for connection to car horn, air horns or optional secondary siren (may require optional relay and wiring)
Secure valet/override mode
LED status indicator
  • Standalone Remote Keyless Entry system (locks, boot release).
  • Additional features supported when connected to Clifford or Viper Remote Start or Security and Remote Start Systems (remote start, panic, auxillary channels).
  • Programmable flex outputs for more versatility.
  • Connects between IVU and system CPU when added to existing system, using supplied harness